Product Ranges

Our best commitment to give our client the most valuable product to meet their requirements and expectations.

Pipe & Fitting

We are the Supplier and Importer for Pipes, Fittings & Flanges. We also provide services for piping and more.

Oil & Gas

We are the supplier for the Oil & Gas Trading Valve (Ball, Wafer, Globe, Gate, Check & Plug)

Industrial Fan

We Supply for All Ranges of Industrial Fan including Axial Flow Fan, Centrifugal Fan Domestic Fan, Commercial Fan and other.

Safety Equipment

We are the Supplier and Importer for safety equipment and complete with the certification.

Fire Fighting Equipment

We are the supplier and certified servicer for fire fighting equipment such as fire extinguisher etc.

Fire Suit

Agent, importer and supplier for bunker gear, fire fighter jacket and trousers, boots, helmet and fire sprinkler system